Shoe Making Workshop

ESTIMATED BUDGET: UGX 3.000.000/= (Three million Uganda shillings) approximately $ 1200 USD
RAISED FUNDS: UGX 1,480,000/= (One million four hundred and eighty)  approximately $592 USD
SUPPORTED BY: Aga Khan and Barbara Castelnuovo


We are currently settings up and structuring a shoe making workshop. The project is partially supported by Aga Khan therefore more support is still needed to enable the project reach its goals.

We thank you Aga Khan for the support you’ve given us. Your help is largely appreciated and anybody who would like to offer any assistance reaches us by the details below.

Another financial assistance came from Barbara Castelnuovo for the shoe making workshop.

This is worth 780,000/=(seven hundred and eighty thousand shillings) approximately $312 USD

Thanks to Barbara Castelnuovo.

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